Our Team 

Dr Kshama Puntambekar

Project Investigator

Dr. Kshama Puntambekar has exposure to traditional text and has done certificate courses on Samarangana Sutradhara(SS), Upanishads and Kautilya Arthashastra. Her inspiration comes from her experience working on project of Ashapuri Temple Complex, District Raisen. A digital model for the site and the temples using GIS and big data was prepared.

Dr Vishakha Kawathekar

Co Investigator

Dr. Vishakha Kawathekar has worked actively on Chapter no 65 of Samarangana Sutradhara. The task was to read the text and draw the various drawings of the temples as mentioned in the text. This work helped in the theoretical reconstruction of three temples in the project in SPA Bhopal along with Cardiff University funded by WMF on the Ashapuri temple complex, District Raisen.

Dr Mayank Dubey

Co Investigator

Dr. Mayank Dubey is a transport planner and has exposure to traditional text. He has contributed towards multiple projects in town (spatial) planning and urban governance in the capacity of team leader and team member. He is versed in Sanskrit.

Dr Shanu Sharma

Co Investigator

Dr.Shanu Sharma is a designer and works extensively on Information-Design, digital-data creation and web-based interactive-modules. Her main contribution will be organization of User-centric Graphical-Representation of data.

Somrita Bandyopadhyay

Research Associate

Sameeksha Mohapatra

GATE Scholar, M. URP 2023

Rakshitha Bandi Eshwar

Research Associate

Sandeep Singh

GATE Scholar, M. URP 2024

Intern, Summer 2023

Pragati Goel

GATE Scholar, M. TP 2023

Garvit Sharma

GATE Scholar, M. URP 2024

Ravi Prakash

GATE Scholar, M. URP 2023


Elisha Khatiwal (M. URP 2024) Ankit Kumar (M. URP 2023) Amod Antarkar, (B. Plan 2025)